Welcome to Wildwood Farms! This is our eighth season and we’d like to thank every one who has visited our garden. We’re looking forward to seeing you again this year. Last year we had a wonderful bloom season and I’m hoping for another great season. Let me tell you a little about Wildwood Farms. We’re located on two acres on 221-S in Floyd, VA. My name is Judy Bowman and my husband, Bob and I, are the owners. We are, primarily, a daylily garden. Some daylilies may be potted but for the most part they are planted and will be dug when purchased. This year we will have approximately 600-700 varieties available for purchase and another 600 varieties that will be available in the future. This year, we are also adding mowing and landscaping services. Contact us for more information. As always, I want to thank my family for all their hard work and support!

We are a seasonal business and therefore will have varied hours. During June, we will be in the garden frequently and welcome you to stop by. When the daylily bloom starts in mid-late June, we’ll be there most every day. We want to accommodate you and will be glad to make appointments if you’re coming at a certain time. Please call us if you have questions about when we’ll be there or want to visit at a certain time.